Connecting to the Internet

Compu-trol Technologies, Inc. has a wide variety of options designed to connect your company to the Internet. The solutions we offer are designed to allow your company to benefit from the information available on the World Wide Web, within your budget constraints.


Compu-Trol Technologies Inc. offers a complete range of options to meet all your networking needs, while maintaining your budget, without sacrificing quality.

Our expertise in setting up and administering mixed networks ensure your employees can share information and network resources. We use the open (universal) standards of the Internet to interconnect Windows and Unix machines to seamlessly share files, exchange electronic mail and share network resources.

We can help you develop a complete network management plan to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing that your critical data is secure, and if an unfortunate accident should occur, you will be able to recover lost data in minutes rather than waste days or weeks recreating it.

With our range of networking administration plans, we offer solutions that fit your needs and your budget.

 Wide Area Network (WAN)

The same tools that have made the Internet possible, allow you to create Wide Area Networks, spanning geographical areas.

These private networks provide unprecedented flexibility in managing your corporate resources. They allow you to connect branch offices or store outlets to your corporate databases, providing management with accurate, up-to-date information necessary to make valuable business decisions.

These technologies permit you to dispatch employees to a client's location, while providing your employees with the same information and software support available on the corporate Intranet, resulting in better customer service.

These networks offer new ways to manage demands on human resources; you can now consider allowing employees to work from home without isolating them, by providing them with access to resources on the corporate Intranet; to share files and exchange electronic mail with other employees.

Call us today for a complete analysis of the benefits of installing a wide area network.

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