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Biometric Operator Log to Save Lives and Transform Trucking Safety

Wantagh, NY – April 1, 2003-- Imagine this scenario:  It’s 2 a.m. on a long, flat stretch of Highway 40 in Illinois.  Joe sips on his fourteenth cup of coffee, as his cigarette butt scorches the inside of his index finger.  He is 18 hours into a 23-hour long-haul trip.  He’s racing against time to deliver his 33,000 pounds of cargo.  Joe hasn’t slept for two days.  He catches himself nodding off – but he reminds himself, “If the wheels aren’t turning, I’m not making any money.”  Moments later, Joe is fast asleep – his right foot weighing heavily on the gas pedal.  The big rig barely misses another truck and then it happens … his 70-ton vehicle plows into and then over a minivan – instantly killing the family of four inside.


It doesn’t take a very vivid imagination to realize that this scenario happens every day.  Fourteen people die each day in truck-related crashes and more than 3.5 million occur annually.  Overworked drivers, suffering long-term sleep deprivation are thought to be a leading cause of such crashes, according to the National Sleep Foundation.


Now imagine a scenario occupying the minds of our national security forces daily:  A gasoline tanker truck passes through the proper inspection as it enters Los Angeles at 6:30 a.m. on a Monday morning.  The driver rolls into his first delivery point, expecting to be greeted by the cheerful gas station manager as usual.  He is instead woefully met by a wild-eyed man wielding an AK-47.  His cargo has just become the fuel for a terrorist attack.


With so many challenges facing the trucking industry, and the nation as a whole, isn’t it about time technology caught up?  It has … in the form of the Biometric Operator Log (Bio-Log).


The Bio-Log is a security device that can be integrated into a truck’s computer system.  It requires the fingerprint identification of authorized personnel in order for the truck to operate.  And, it finally offers an compulsory opportunity for federal regulations that have been on the books for more than 60 years but have never been enforced – the number of continuous driving hours allowed for commercial drivers.


In addition to holding drivers accountable, by providing an accurate, tamper-proof record of their drive time, the Bio-Log also offers the security necessary to operate in a post 9/11 world.


Entrepreneur and inventor, Ronald Weiss, developed the Bio-Log and obtained a patent for the device.  Weiss founded Compu-Trol Technologies, Inc., a software and technology firm headquartered in Wantagh, New York.

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“The Biometric Operator Log will save countless lives and millions of dollars,” Weiss says. “More than 12,000 people die, and nearly one million are injured in truck-related crashes each year.  That sad fact, coupled with homeland security concerns, makes producing the Bio-Log a top priority.”


Weiss is now seeking an original equipment manufacturer to produce and market the device.


The trucking industry has grown dramatically – a 24 percent jump between 1982 and 1992, according to the Census Bureau’s Truck Inventory and Use Survey.  Heavier trucks (80,000 pounds plus) are driving 193 percent more miles per year today.  With these increases, came the popularity of just-in-time delivery – putting more pressure on fleets and their drivers to go farther and faster on less sleep. 


Traditional driver logs and even new computerized logs can’t prevent drivers from entering misleading information – some go as far as claiming a “phantom” driving partner.  The Bio-Log can effectively regulate and alleviate these practices.


Litigation against fleets and their drivers is on the increase – and the possibility of lawsuits against shippers and manufacturers pressuring the industry for faster deliveries is nearly a reality.  Chemical carriers have watched their profit margins plummet – with more frequent stops at security checks slowing shipments and a 159% increase in insurance rates.


The federal government is so concerned about these safety issues, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrations was recently granted a $447 million budget to address them.  The U.S. Department of Transportation has agreed to issue updated rules for truck driver fatigue, required rest periods and hours of service by May 31, 2003 in order to settle a lawsuit brought by Parents Against Tired Truckers, Citizens for Reliable and Safe Highways and two other safety groups.


The market is ripe for the Bio-Log.  Health and safety concerns, terrorist threats, pending litigation and the loss of thousands of lives on our nations highways will make the Bio-Log standard equipment on every commercial vehicle.  The Bio-Log can finally put an end to the practices of what some call the last “sweat-shop industry in our nation,” over-worked and under-paid truck drivers who statistically die more often on the job than any other type of employee.



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